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Estate Planning

An estate plan provides the peace-of-mind of knowing that your personal and financial affairs are well organised to be tax-effectively passed onto your beneficiaries as you intended. Having a plan ensures your financial affairs are secure, your tax liabilities and other expenses are minimised, your family is looked after properly and that any business interests are being handled in accordance with your wishes.

ML Financial Solutions’ accountants and financial advisors liaise with you and your solicitors to prepare a comprehensive, customised estate planning strategy, including setting-up any trusts required and enabling the distribution of assets to your intended beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient manner.

Estate planning involves consideration and, where applicable, preparation of three important documents: your will, an enduring power of attorney and an enduring guardianship(s).

Your will documents your instructions regarding administration of your estate after your death; those instructions will be carried out by an Executor named within the Will. Where necessary, the will might include a testamentary trust to provide tax benefits and asset protection.

An enduring power of attorney  enables you to nominate another person(s) to act on your behalf - as your attorney - to make financial and legal decisions.

An enduring guardianship enables you to nominate another person(s) to act as your attorney to make health care and personal decisions on your behalf.

These documents and the precise information each contains form the basis for ensuring that your estate is administered with maximum tax-efficiency and minimal expense.

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