ML financial solutions

Financial Planning

ML Financial Solutions will help you establish your personalised financial strategy – the all-important first step in maximising your future wealth. Reviewing, maintaining, keeping it always up-to-date and effective in changing circumstances is vitally important. Our aim is to develop a lifelong partnership with you, ensuring your financial strategy continues to be appropriate over time and remains consistent with your long-term strategy needs.

Our financial planning services include:

  • Preparing a statement of financial advice detailing both our strategy and investment recommendations to meet your financial goals.
  • Implementation of the strategy and investment recommendations.
  • Monitoring your investments, proactively making recommendations or adjustments as required.
  • Conducting a formal review meeting on an annual or semi-annual basis to discuss any changes in your circumstances, review your current strategies and ensure they remain appropriate to you.
  • Advising on, and helping implement strategies such as: salary sacrifice, non-concessional and concessional contributions, government co-contribution, defined benefit superannuation, salary packaging, termination payments, spouse contributions, contribution splitting, margin lending, budgeting and cash flow management, debt reduction and risk management.
  • Retirement planning: advise and help with implementing transition-to-retirement and re-contribution strategies.
  • Income stream strategies including calculating pension deductible amounts, yearly minimum and maximum pension calculations.
  • Advising on small business capital gains tax concessions.
  • Strategic business advice on issues such as corporate structures, who’s name to buy assets in, purchasing investment properties, land tax, depreciation and capital gains tax and lump sum ETP’s.
  • Discussing major financial decisions with you, and helping you make the right choices.
  • Helping you cope with the financial impact of major life changes.
  • Assessing opportunities presented or defensive action required resulting from changes to legislation and/or market conditions.
  • Reviewing income and spending, helping you manage and maximise your cash flow.

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